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t, on the history of a ▓regiment. Remarking on the use of colours ▓in the past during battle, S●ir Charles Napier writes: “Grea▓t is the value of the standard; it is a telegra▓ph in the centre of the battle to s▓peak the changes of the day to the wings.● Its importance has therefore been immense in ●all ages, among all nations, and in al●l kinds of war.‘Defend the colours! form up▓on the colours!

’ is the first cry and ▓the first thought of a soldier, when ●any mischance of battle has produced diso▓rder; then do cries, shouts, firing, blows,● and all

the combat thicken round the s▓tandard; it contains the symbol of the honour o●f the band, and the brave press round its beare▓r.” So it has ever been since33

0 the ▓standard-bearer of the Tenth Legion● threw the honoured insignia of ▓his regiment among the British-▓Celtic, or Belgic, militia on the Dover coast, w●

hen Christianity had not yet ●dawned.The breech-loader has ▓caused the colours to be omitte●d in the battle-order paraphernal▓ia of modern war, and, as gunpow

der had, in ●the past, destroyed some of the glor●y and panoply of the medival ho●st, so it has lessened some of the picturesquene●ss of the line of battle of

to-day. W▓orn-out colours have one of thr●ee endings.First, and naturally, in the churc●h of the district whose name the r▓egiment bears, because the cons


ecrated ▓banners find fitting resting-place in co●nsecrated buildings.Next, with ●the colonels of the reg

iments, who may be▓ well expected to revere the standa▓rds of the battalions which hav▓e honoured them by such a gift●.And lastly, as the old 50th d▓id when it was made a royal regiment, an●d when, in place of the black stan

dard●, it received one of royal blue; then the si▓lk of the old colours was burned with ca●reful reverence, and the ashes pla●ced in the lid of the regimental snuff-box, ma●de out of the wood of the staff, on which is a▓lso engraven the names of those who had borne t●he colours in the storm of bat▓tle. The sentiment that dwells around the● regimental c


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olours has been very well expressed▓ by the late Sir Edward Hamley.Speaking ●of the colours of the 43rd, now rest●ing and rusting peacefully in M

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onmouth chu●rch, he says— 331 “A moth-e●aten rag on a worm-eaten pole, It does not look▓ likely to stir a man’s soul.’Tis the ●deeds that w


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a flag. For on ma●ny a morn in our grandfathers’ days, When▓ the bright sun of P

of such importa

ortugal broke through th●e haze, Disclosing the armies● arrayed in their might, It

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